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We practice in corporate and business financial planning, tax sensitive contracts, estate planning, post-death estate administration, business formation and representation, real estate and more.


Estate Planning

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Attorneys in the Los Angeles Law Offices of David A. Solitare are experienced in all types of estate planning techniques and their tax implications. We begin by consulting with you to analyze the extent of your assets and clarify your objectives in conserving and transferring them. Based on your situation, objectives and family dynamics, we identify estate planning options and help you evaluate their benefits. We take care of the details to implement your estate plan.
We realize that the distribution of personal assets can be a source of friction in the best of family and business situations. We assist you in thinking through steps to avoid possible conflicts.

Our services include Estate Planning, Post-Death Estate Administration, and Probate Matters:

Estate Planning

  • Wills
  • Living Trusts
  • Irrevocable Trusts
    • Life Insurance Trust
    • Personal Residence Trust
    • Grantor Retained Income Trust
    • Charitable Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney
    • Asset Management
    • Advance Health Care Directive
  • Estate and Gift Tax Planning
  • Life Insurance Review
  • Family Limited Partnerships
  • Charitable Planned Giving

Post-Death Estate Administration and Probate Matters

  • Probate
  • Non-Probate Asset Collection/Distribution
  • Trust Administration
  • Estate Tax Compliance
  • Beneficiary Representation
  • Conservatorships

Tax Law

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Tax attorneys in the Law Offices of David A. Solitare leverage sophisticated and innovative approaches in a variety of tax issues. The tax practice covers the full spectrum of taxation for all types of entities, including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, associations, estates and individuals.

We develop strategies for future tax savings, including tax planning on business, personal and investment transactions with tax implications. We provide tax guidance to clients in all phases of a transaction. We work closely with your certified public accountant, financial adviser, or relevant taxing authority to obtain the best result possible.

In addition to tax planning, we provide counsel in the following areas:

Compliance Review

  • Income Tax
  • Estate Tax
  • Gift Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Sales Tax


  • Client Representation on Audit
  • Appeal of Disagreed Cases
    • Administrative – Within Tax Agency
    • Judicial – Through the Courts
  • Settlement of Collection Matters
    • Installment Payment Plans
    • Offers in Compromise
    • Innocent Spouse Claims

Our tax lawyers have significant expertise representing clients with disputes before the taxing authorities, including:

  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Franchise Tax Board
  • State Board of Equalization
  • County Assessor
  • Municipalities

We have been successful in utilizing offers in compromise and other approaches to significantly reduce tax liability. Furthermore, in situations where litigation is necessary, we represent clients before the United States Tax Court with excellent results.

Business Law

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Attorneys in the Law Offices of David A. Solitare are experienced in handling each phase of the business cycle, including entity formation, annual maintenance and dissolution. We assist you in selecting and implementing the optimal legal entity for your business objectives.

We focus our counsel on maintaining the success of your business: documenting clear expectations for business principals, ensuring timely compliance, preventing costly errors, optimizing future business opportunities, and protecting assets.

Business Formation, Maintenance and Dissolution Services:

  • Corporate
    • Business Corporations (“C” and “S” Corporations)
    • Professional Corporations
    • Nonprofit Corporations
    • Annual Corporate Upkeep
  • Partnership
    • General Partnerships
    • Limited Partnerships
    • Limited Liability Partnerships for Certain Professionals
  • Limited Liability Companies

We document the relationships between the principals in the business through shareholder’s agreements, LLC operating agreements, and employment agreements. We provide ongoing counsel for everyday business needs, significant transactions, and maximizing the entity’s position in the case of a sale, spin-off, or merger.

Business Transactions Services:

  • Contract Drafting
    • Optimal Deal Structuring
    • Negotiating Terms
  • Contract Review
  • Sales and Purchases of Going Businesses


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Typical Living Trust Case Brief

The creator of the trust manages their own assets in the trust. All trust assets pass to designated beneficiaries without probate.

Permanent Trusts

Permanent trusts are designed for the prolonged management of permanently and irrevocably transferred assets.

Split Interest Trusts

Split interest trusts provide income to one set of beneficiaries for a set time, then pay out to another set of beneficiaries.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

The principal advantage of using an living irrevocable life insurance trust is that it may keep the life insurance policy proceeds from being taxed...

Charitable Remainder Trust

A CRT is an irrevocable trust that pays the settlor, the settlor's spouse or children, an annual income for a period of years or for life...

Grantor Retained Income Trust

A GRIT is an irrevocable trust to which the settlor transfers assets while retaining an income interest for a term of years selected by the settlor...



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